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Dividing one property into multiple properties can be a legal nightmare, especially for those without any prior experience or legal knowledge. At Melbourne Conveyancing Group, we specialise in advanced subdivision conveyancing services to help sellers and buyers alike!

We help you ensure that all the permits, zoning and area requirements, compliances, and more are met and that you’re progressing safely and steadily with constant feedback and upkeep from our team of legal professionals.

By choosing our team’s help, you’ll be able to proceed with your subdivision property transfer knowing that you’ll be completely protected in the case of a legal fallout.

Subdivisions in Australia

Property developers, sellers, and buyers need to consider various aspects in dealing with subdivisions in Australia. While these rules vary in each territory, general principles apply, such as:

    • Zoning Laws: The zoning laws govern land use in an area, including the types of properties allowed, the size and height of buildings, and how much space is used. Essentially, it outlines what’s acceptable and what’s not inside the zoning districts.


    • Subdivision Regulations: Subdivision regulations cover the requirements concerning road access, infrastructure, and utilities.  


    • Environmental Regulations: Another thing one needs to consider when building a property is the project’s environmental impact. That is why experts also need to look into the environmental regulations and adhere to them to avoid conflict with the law.


    • Property Taxes: In some cases, governing bodies assess the property taxes of each lot in the subdivision based on the size, location, and estimated value.


    • Building Regulations: Building regulations take control of the different aspects of the building’s construction, such as the allowed materials, methods, and safety precautions.


    • Planning Permits: Subdivisions requiring new road construction or utilities will also require planning permits.


The list above is just a preview of the things to consider for subdivisions. It is best to have subdivision conveyancing in Melbourne to save yourself from the headaches that come with selling or investing in a subdivision.  


How Our Conveyancers in Melbourne Can Help You

At Melbourne Conveyancing Group, we will make sure that the subdivision meets the rules and regulations while protecting your rights and interests. Here’s an outline of what our conveyancers in Melbourne can do for you:

  • -Ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of ownership.
  • -Provide advice on the costs, risks, and steps involved in subdivisions.
  • -Prepare necessary documents (e.g., subdivision plan and transfer documents).
  • -Represent you at a subdivision meeting.
  • -Settle the subdivision.
  • -Answer your questions to help you understand the process more.


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