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Many people hear about a caveat for the first time in their lives when they’re about to purchase a property. Caveats are a way for potential buyers to express interest in the property and prevent other parties from stepping in and taking it away from you.

Our professionals at Melbourne Conveyancing Group have helped families, business owners, and investors lodge caveats against a property’s title successfully for years, and today, we’re offering you the opportunity to ensure that whenever that property goes up for sale, you’ll be the first to qualify for it.

Caveat in Victoria and NSW

Caveat is a legal notice lodged to protect your interest in the property. When lodging a caveat, the caveator will obtain a priority interest. The caveat will prevent third parties or the registered proprietor from making transactions involving the title.

In simpler terms, a caveat is a written notice or warning that informs parties who check the Certificate of Title that someone—the caveator-–is interested in the property.

Melbourne Conveyancing Group’s Caveat Services

Aside from conveyancing in Victoria and New South Wales, our experts at Melbourne Conveyancing Group also provide caveat services to make the process more efficient for you. We perform:

1. Caveat Lodgement: Our team will assist you in lodging a caveat, or we can handle the entire process on your behalf. Don’t worry. We will make sure that we do everything promptly and accurately.

2. Title Search and Verification: Title search and verification are two crucial aspects you must look into before purchasing a property. It is important to know beforehand if there are encumbrances or disputes that may affect your rights as an owner in the future. That is why we always conduct title searches and verifications to ensure the property is free from issues.

3. Caveat Removal Assistance: We can also help you with caveat removal should you decide to do so. We will provide you with legal guidance to make sure that you have taken the necessary steps correctly and followed the applicable rules and regulations.


Why Choose Us?

1. Expertise: Melbourne Conveyancing Group is a trusted team by some of Australia’s leading realtors. Being in the industry for over 10 years, we have been simplifying legal processes for our clients and helping them buy, sell, or transfer property without any hassle.

2. Personalised Approach: There may be differences between caveat in Victoria and caveat in NSW, or situations may vary from one client to another. With that, we always see to it that we listen to your specific needs and address them effectively.

3. Transparent Communication: We will inform you of the progress of every procedure. Moreover, we can also discuss the agreements, laws, and regulations, should you wish to understand them more clearly.