Conveyancing Fees

Purchasing and selling real estate can be a difficult process. Conveyancing fees, on the other hand, do not have to be. We provide low-cost fixed-fee conveyancing with complete transparency so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Depending on whether you choose a conveyancer or a solicitor, conveyancing prices in Melbourne and neighbouring Victoria range from $600 to $2,000.


Basic Fee

The cost of a standard conveyancing is merely $600 + GST. Any disbursements required to complete the conveyancing procedure on your behalf are subject to an additional cost (such as property certificates or Titles Office fees). For further information, please visit our list of disbursements.


To make our service more affordable for house buyers and sellers, we keep our costs modest.




Disbursements are stuff that we purchase from third-party vendors on your behalf. We only charge you for what they cost us. Here are several examples:


  1. Fees for property information certifications that a seller may require in order to complete their Section 32 Vendor's Statement. A buyer may also require some of these certifications to guarantee that rates and taxes due at settlement are properly split between the buyer and seller. The following are examples of common certifications and their typical costs:

$24.93 for a title search or $38.85 for a land index search.

Copy of the Plan $17.48 for Council,

$52.23 for Water Authority,

$46.55 for Land Tax,

$38.15 for Building Regulation 326(1),

$78.66 for Vic Roads,

$43.10 for Owners Corporation (if applicable),

$180.13 for the first Corporation,

$93.57 for any other Corporation


2) Lodgement of a purchaser's caveat (optional), $57.31 or $69.63 if multiple titles are involved.

3) If a corporation is a party to the conveyance, an ASIC search charge of $23.30 is required.




Additional Fees:

Unless otherwise specified, each of the following conveyancing services will incur an additional professional fee of $110.00 (including GST):

Creating and submitting a purchaser's caveat ($55.00 plus GST)

Nomination of a replacement or extra buyer (s).

When there is no certificate or management, prepare Owners Corporation information for a Vendor Statement.

Attending a paper-based (manual) settlement.

Using a method other than an electronic settlement to disburse $100,000.00 or more from our trust account.

Land Use Victoria receives paper documents.

Making an application for a First-Time Home Buyer Grant.

Before or after settlement, a licence to occupy a property is prepared.

An Application by Legal Personal Representative (for a deceased estate) or an Application by Surviving Proprietor is prepared and filed.


Preparation and filing of an application for a new certificate of title in lieu of one that has been lost or destroyed ($220.00 plus GST).

Assisting a client as an attorney.