About Melbourne
Conveyancing Group

Dedicated to providing you with outstanding,
hassle-free conveyancing services

Who We Are?

The Melbourne Conveyancing Group are dedicated to providing you with outstanding, hassle-free conveyancing services that will rival any other conveyancing service provider. We are customer focused and value driven. Client satisfaction is our primary goal.

Your first choice of properties is often not always the one you get, that's why we offer to give advice on all Contracts for free. We have a "NO SELL NO FEE" policy, so if your property doesn't sell, you don't pay any fees. We also have no upfront costs.

At Melbourne Conveyancing Group we provide reasonably and competitively priced conveyancing and our prices are based on a fixed fee plus disbursements.We combine extensive experience and legal expertise with a friendly customer service focus

We are available 7 days a week, we empower our clients by always keeping them informed, we’re excellent communicators and we talk in your language, not ‘legal speak’ and we provide a tailored service, understanding your needs first.

We believe that giving a personal service helps us understand your needs, and helps us to give you a more thorough, efficient service. We take the extra time to get to know you, the details of your purchase or sale and all the intricacies that could expedite your transaction.

If you are buying or selling in Melbourne, Victoria, no matter where you are located in the world, we can look after you.

Our clients range from first home buyers, to investors (local and overseas), developers, commercial investors and people looking to upgrade or downsize.